The Right Video is a powerful way to promote a product, build brand awareness,

or launch a cool new feature.

Don’t settle for the boring old text on screen.


Let’s help you produce high-impact content by means of custom video productions. 

EagleSky productions creates video that will deliver your message and engage to internal and external audiences.

What we Do

Video Production

We specialise in marketing, corporate,

web, real estate,

training and events productions.

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Cinematic Wedding Films

We are passionate about wedding films and

the stories they can tell.

By creating something special for our clients

we believe we can create a captured memorable

moment in their lives.

Aerial Services

With Drone Operators in Johannesburg and Cape Town,

we work throughout South Africa and Africa.

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What we Offer


We care about more than just your video campaign.

Like every person, every brand has a story to tell and it’s our mission to help you tell that story. By combining our passion for video production,

graphics and sound we are able to create visually engaging and impactful digital content for all our clients.

We will support you from concept to final production, creating  a video that is visually engaging and exciting to watch.

Types of videos

Corporate Video

60% of visitors prefer to watch

video about a company vs

reading the information

Testimonials Videos

Video testimonials are persuasive

because an unbiased customer

communicates how awesome you are.

Marketing Videos

One of the biggest strengths of video marketing is that

it’s highly visual and auditory, which means it’s easier

for many users to remember than text-based content.

Event Videos

From office parties and product launches

 to music concerts and sports festivals,

we’ve got you covered.

Real Estate Videos

Real estate videos are visual tours

used by realtors and investors

to highlight the positive attributes

of a property available for sale.

CSI Videos

Capture and share the good that your company

is doing to help those who are less fortunate 

than yourselves. 

Some of our Work


These options function as guidelines as we believe every video production is unique and should be approached as such. Custom options are available.

OPTION 1: Half Day Shoot

Up to 4 hours
R3 500
  • HD or 4K Video Recording
  • Location interviews
  • Up to 30 Minute drone shoot
  • Up to 3 minute edit
  • 1 stock music track
  • Animated Logo

OPTION 3: Top 5

up to 5 Minute Video
R5 500
  • HD or 4K Video Recording
  • Location interviews
  • Up to 1 Hour drone shoot
  • Up to 5 minute edit
  • 1 stock music track
  • Animated Logo